MANCHESTER METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY International Undergraduate Scholarships 2020/2021 Terms and Conditions

International Undergraduate Scholarships 2020/2021 Terms and Conditions Applicant and course eligibility criteria  Applicants must hold an offer for a full-time taught either 3-year, 4-year sandwich, or with an integrated foundation year programme at Manchester Metropolitan University, and begin their studies in September 2020.  Top-up degree courses are eligible for the scholarship, as long as all the remaining course and applicant related terms and conditions are met.  Only courses charging standard overseas fees of a minimum £15,000 and being taught on the Manchester Campus, are eligible.  Bachelor of Architecture applicants are excluded from this offer.  Applicants must be self-funding and classified as overseas students for tuition fee purposes.  Scholarships are only available for new undergraduate Manchester Metropolitan University students, current students moving from one course to another are not eligible.  Applicants will have successfully met any conditions set for entry onto the program. Other conditions  There is no additional scholarship application process; eligibility will be automatically. assessed at the point of successful admission.  If you meet the eligibility criteria, the scholarship will be awarded automatically upon enrollment, no application is required.  Your scholarship should be displayed during your online enrollment, however if the University’s Finance Office are aware when processing your invoice (or afterwards) that you are not a self-paying student the scholarship will be removed and standard overseas fees will apply.  The scholarships will be awarded as a reduction in fees for overseas students commencing in year one of study, in Academic Year 2020/21 and, subject to availability, in consecutive years of eligible study.  The scholarship is available for a maximum of 3 years on a Bachelors programme, or 4 years on a Bachelors programme with an integrated foundation year. Please note scholarships are not awarded to students completing any repeat years with attendance or placement years.  The scholarship is only available for each year of study for 120 credits and the full overseas fee is charged.  If Recognition of Prior Learning or any other prior learning credits/experience are applied which reduce the number of taught credits below 120 credits, students will no longer be eligible for the scholarship and full overseas fees will apply.  No other form of Manchester Metropolitan University discount or scholarship may be used in conjunction with the Undergraduate International Scholarships. Please refer to the Regulations for the Payment of University Fees for further information on how discounts/scholarships are applied by clicking here. However, if a student is in receipt of more than one form of fee reduction (including discounts, awards or scholarship) they will only receive one fee reduction and will be awarded the greater amount.  Students will not be eligible for the full scholarship if they do not complete the full course which results in a fee reduction. If they withdraw, suspend or exit with a lesser award the Regulations for the Payment of University Fees state discount/scholarships will be prorated if the withdrawal, suspension or exit results in a reduced tuition fee. In these cases the value of any scholarship will be pro-rated in proportion to any reduced tuition fees.  Should a student transfer courses or change their study mode they might be required to repay the scholarship in full.  If a student fails to pay fees as agreed, any amount awarded may be reversed and they might need to pay the full fee amount.  Should a student leave their course due to unavoidable circumstances, they will need to provide e This evidence will then be considered by the University. Manchester Met may, at its discretion, pro-rata eligibility for the Scholarship depending on the student’s date of suspension/withdrawal.  The scholarship will not be carried over if a student defers entry.  Please note that all students are required to comply with, and are bound by, the University’s Student Regulations and Procedures,If a student is removed from the course for failing to comply with the Student Regulations and Procedures, they will be required to pay the scholarship back in full.

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