Flight & Accommodation Bookings

Air Ticketing

We offer express air ticketing services, air booking services, and international air ticketing services, which include both the Domestic and International airline tickets. We have tie-ups with major travel agents, airlines and their representatives. So, you just plan your itinerary and we organise it in such a manner that you would be bound to share the experience with your friends and family members.

Accommodation Booking

we offer accommodation booking for students who are yet to embark on their journey to study abroad. International student are usually entering the study destination for the first time and they definitely would not know how to go about finding accommodation. we book their accommodation before they leave for their studies so the students know where to settle at when they arrive in the country.

Our hotel booking services take care of varied client budgets and needs.  In addition, we help you book a hotel that gives you a variety of amenities to enjoy during the stay.

Furthermore, our hotels are affordable and the clients retain the right to select hotels that suit their pockets. For a comfortable stay, book with us and be part of our family.